Welcome. We are AdvantaVita.

We are a family business formed in 2008 from a commitment to help you get the most out of life. We offer a premium quality range of nutritional supplements and personal care products designed to support you in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Our mission is to enable you to be at your best, live life to the fullest, and get the most out of every day.

about us

We founded AdvantaVita because we are passionate about health and living well.

We know how difficult it is to find time to exercise as often as we’d like. Or to prepare all the perfect organic meals with every vitamin and mineral we need for full wellness and vitality. We know that sometimes it’s just not possible or practical to get the high level of nutrition we need from foods alone.

AdvantaVita exists to help you infuse your body with the energy that comes from proper nutrition. We are here to provide you with high quality supplements that meet our own exacting standards.

When we set out to produce supplements we knew that we were only going to use superior ingredients. And to use as few as possible unnecessary or inactive ingredients such as coloring agents, preservatives, fillers, or other additives that don’t do anything to improve the efficacy of the product, but drive down production costs.

Profits over people is not what we’re about.  We are partnering with all of our customers in the goal of better health and better living.

This is what we set out to achieve and what drives us when we are developing, sourcing, and delivering our products.

AdvantaVita produces top quality supplements that we take ourselves or supply to our family. We are producing products that not only increase the health of our customers, but also make an impact in the lives of those who work with us all along our supply chain.  From our providers of quality manufacturing services, through to the suppliers and growers of organic and non-GMO ingredients.

When you purchase from AdvantaVita you are getting the best supplements that we can possibly produce. Not just because it will make an impact in your life, but also because of the difference we know we can make together.

Our Values


We are committed to providing the highest quality products at fair prices.


We are fanatical about service and endeavor to provide exceptional service and support to our customers.


We seek to build long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners.


We believe life works best with honesty and transparency and strive for open, effective communication at all times.


We are committed to continuous learning and improvement in our products, processes and operations.


We set aside a portion of our monthly profit so we can offer discounts to those who might otherwise go without.

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